Smart Home Usecases for your Customers

To serve the customers well, we have designed the smart home solution for each and every common use-case. 

  • Privacy for Users

    Protecting the privacy of your customers by using key features in Consolomio®

    Whenever a movement is detected around things that are private to the user, like the liquor cabinet, wine cellar, or the home office, the users are alerted over their phone with a notification or call. 

  • Unusual Motion

    With Consolomio® get alerted about any unusual motion in your smart home. 

    As soon as an unusual movement is detected around the baby’s room and crib, the smart camera triggers an alarm. Following this, parents can live stream via the camera and ensure if everything is alright.  

  • No motion

    Alert the circle of trust when no motion is detected

    Consolomio® alerts the relatives and informs the predefined alarm group if anything happens that is not normal. Say the person didn’t get out of bed or anything that doesn’t fit the pattern of normal days, then Consolomio will start alerting people.  

  • SOS/Panic-Button

    Elderly can get help as and when they need it with the SOS/Panic button.

    All they need to do is push the button and the predefined alarm group along with relatives will be alerted & called.

  • Water Leakage

    Smart water leakage sensors notify you in case of water leakages

    React faster and steer clear of further damage in case of a water leakage. The users are alerted with predefined sounds played by Sonos speakers, with lights turning blue in case a water leak is detected.

  • Outside Motion

    Detect unwanted motion around your home and take proper action

    Smart home owners can keep their homes secure with the smart sensors and cameras placed in strategic positions. Access to the control panel from various devices gives an extra degree of freedom to the users.

  • Open Doors

    Get alerted when a door is opened and keep your home safer.

    The smart door sensors notify you when the front- or back-door is open for too long. They recognize any unusual activity pattern through software intelligence and notify you.