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The best-in-class IoT PaaS Platform for Device Manufacturers Service Providers.

  • Your own IoT Offering
  • E2E Managed
  • Dependency-free

Opportunities with IoT

As consumers realise how IoT devices make their lives easier and simpler, they are going to adopt. Companies need to be proactive and be ready. State-of-the-art IoT platform is going to be the answer.

More than half (52%) of consumers around the world already own an IoT-based device in one form or another.

Size of the public cloud platform as a service (PaaS) market worldwide from 2015 to 2022 (in billion U.S. dollars)

The revolution of connected devices is not ‘coming’. It’s already here.

What makes Spark the perfect IoT platform?

Spark Core – Six essential components of our PaaS solution to ensure an E2E managed, modular and future proof IoT Platform. Providing an impeccable IoT experience requires a thoughfully designed solution.

Based out of Europe

With the whole system being hosted in Europe, meeting the EU standards like GDPR is not an issue. With no strategic dependencies or exposure to US-China political climate, you are always covered. 

Enterprise-Grade Security

Security of data and assets in an IoT network is of paramount importance. Protecting sensitive data and customer information from bad players with best encrypted communication and storage is a top priority for Spark. 

Total Lifecycle Management

IoT systems and the devices comprising it are going to be around for decades. Upgrading the devices with latest firmware and updating system components should be a cakewalk for you,
exactly what Spark does!

Future-Proof IoT Strategy

As we ensure 360-degree flexibility across all our solutions, you can rest assured about scalability in your IoT strategy. The protocol-agnostic and flexible microservice architecture enables you to add or reconfigure modules at will. 

Proven track-record

Solutions offered by Spark have been game-changers for a number of organizations in the past. With years of experience in connecting devices, we are always working hard to leave no stone unturned – making us the go-to partner for your IoT needs. 

Highest Availability

Our Spark team strives to offer highest availability for all the customers. By hosting redundantly, we make sure that we go above and beyond the industry standard to ensure peak demands at optimum performance. 

Onboarding for legacy systems

Being scalable and flexible means optimum interoperability and agnostic nature at device and protocol levels, exactly what we offer. With Spark, you never have to worry about onboarding for legacy systems.

Easy Setup 

To onboard customers at will, it is important to put a streamlined and direct process in place. For this, Spark offers fast-track support during and after setup to keep our customers happy. 

Hosted Cloud Platform

With Spark’s industry agnostic and fully-managed hosted cloud platform, add another dimension of modularity and flexibility to your IoT strategy. 

Highly Secure

Fully Managed

Market proven



We help you implement cutting-edge IoT and smart home experience with full flexibility to orchestrate, run, and maintain a network of devices. 

  • Future Proof
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Full Flexibility

  • Data Intelligence (AI & Big Data)

    Ensure 360-degree flexibility to process large volumes of data. Smart applications are truly “smart” with Spark’s PaaS solution. 

  • Provisioning Interface

    Managing customers should be totally seamless. Our provisioning micro-service offers you an interface for onboarding users to your customer system.

  • Protocol Conversion

    We keep it simple and robust. Use industry-leading protocol conversion micro-service, we keep your network platform-agnostic and make sure that devices communicate effectively.

  • Device Registration Service

    Have full control over the devices in your system. Never worry about integrating devices, just go ahead and connect!

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Integration

    Seamless integration of devices into the cloud is no more an option, it is a necessity. We ensure all your devices are connected seamlessly with the cloud-to-cloud integration micro-service. 

  • Monitoring Service

    Monitoring the End-to-End service including devices and keeping a check on their functionality is all-important. To do it successfully, efficiency is as crucial as effectiveness. 

  • Lifecycle Management Service

    Devices are there for life, but technology evolves as the customers’ always seek better experience. To keep your service and devices updated, a thorough lifecycle management service is vital. 

Frontend Apps & SDK

Customers like to use services and devices at home and on the move. With industry-leading iOS and Android apps and a profound SDK for own app development, we help you serve the end customers to perfection.

Spark offers all you need:

Frontend Apps for Smartphones Tablets

Frontend Web App

SDK to kickstart your project’s development

Support & After-Sales Service

Service Backend

Leverage our backend as a support mechanism for you. From tracing the configuration status of devices, to monitoring your End-2-End service, it lets you do it all.

You need to offer proactive after-sales service to keep the end-customer happy. With Spark’s PaaS solution, you get full control over devices
and assets to make this happen.

Full Control over Key Functions

Custom Device Firmware

To make devices smart it requires decent expertise in firmware development and device programming.

With our skilled in-house team we develop and deliver custom firmware for every device class and function.

Device Firmware Development

Devices and assets in an IoT solution need custom device firmware and timely updates.

With our in-house development team, we make sure that the necessary firmware is ready-to-use.

OTA Upgradability

To support an evergreening IoT service, constant upgrades are vital.

With our OTA Upgrade service, we ensure a maximum device lifetime and hassle-free upgrade and update process.

Future-proof your Smart Home Service

End-to-End Management

For a superior IoT service offering it is vital to End-to-End manage all service components. With Spark you keep full control.

Commercial Models

To make IoT work for you and your business, we have tailored commercial model for both device manufacturers and service providers.

Devices Manufacturers

Guaranteed commercial success with Spark as industry-leading PaaS solution with a lucrative pricing model.

  • One-time fee based on the number of devices.
  • Volume-based discounts to suit your scale.
  • Lifetime device management & OTA updates.

Per Device (One-time fee)

Service Providers

Build-for-scale is essential for you, and we know it. Our pay-as-you-grow commercial model enables you to scale at will.

  • Fair “all-inclusive” subscription fee.
  • Pay-as-you-grow pricing model to help you scale at will.
  • Lifetime device and service management.

Per Subscriber (monthly fee)

Benefits for you

Run your own IoT or Smart Home service with Spark Core

With our Fully managed solution we make IoT easy that lets you focus on your core business.

  • Unique managed IoT Platform
  • EU hosted and independent solution
  • Micro-services for a modular solution from one source
  • Customer firmware and lifecycle management
  • Total service backend for true End-to-End control
  • Compelling Commercial model for Device Manufacturers and Service Providers