Immediate help if needed

It’s tough to be alone for elderly people and individuals that need others’ help with active functioning. Using our new SOS/Panic Button integrated with Consolomio®, you can start offering these special customers a helping hand.

Designed for trust

In case of an emergency, the time taken for care to reach is critical. With the SOS/Panic Button integrated with our Smart Home as a Service solution, trusted persons like relatives, medical staff, and neighbours get notified.

Robust & Durable

The SOS/Panic Button is carefully crafted for elderly people. With its large button, robust hardware and an extra long lasting, rechargeable battery, we make sure that it’s operational and always there when needed.

Care gets Smarter

Not only is it easy to use, but very smart when it comes to getting care for the seniors. The intelligent call function works on the basis of “Circle-of-Trust” principle calling all trusted individuals and professional care centers as soon as the system is triggered, to ensure fastest possible help.

Single-touch 360-Degree View

From seeing who’s at the door to controlling or automating your lights and receiving alerts regarding smoke or water leakages.

Voice Control 

… thanks to built-in integration of Consolomio® with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Total Control on Fingertips

Ability to control it is one of the most important aspects of smart home solutions, our smart home control panel is fully compatible with the modern Android tablets.

Easy for the end-customers

Being fully compatible with any modern Android tablet, it takes minimal effort to start using the Smart Home Control Panel to monitor each and every device in your smart home.

Water-Tight Privacy Protection

Hosted on strictly EU-based servers, we ensure strict security of the user’s data and privacy with full-encrypted data handling.