We hope you are doing well in these times of crisis the COVID-19 pandemic has put us all in.

Please rest assured that we at i4Things are very well aware of our responsibility towards our customers, partners, employees and their loved ones. Therefore, we have put in place various measures to counteract the spread of the coronavirus, while at the same time ensuring business continuity.

We trust that, together with our partners, we can thus continue to provide our customers with the level of service they are expecting from i4Things. 

Even though we cannot meet you personally at this point, our main goal is to stay in touch with you and to continue the conversation with you. Therefore, we have put in place alternative ways of communication, like web-conferences and remote product demos, to keep you in the loop of new products and company updates.

That said, we presume that our daily operations will continue with as little impact as possible. We thank you very much indeed for your understanding and support and apologize for any inconvenience this current situation may cause.

Stay safe and healthy!

Kind regards,
Rob Wolters