i4Things’ Consolomio® is a well reputed Smart-Home-as-a-Service solution that enables service providers to quickly launch a fully-managed, cloud-based, white-labeled smart home offering backed with sensors, camera, doorbell, and other attractive devices to their end-customers. It is an affordable, worry-free, subscription-based solution for Service Providers in a B2B2C model, aiming for mass-market deployment with interfaces designed for Phone, Tablet, PC, and TV. 

To make Consolomio® a truly integrated solution and empower the operators with a myriad of offerings for the end-customers, we follow the “gated walled garden” approach, which means a controlled and fully managed environment which, after integration and testing at the gate, is open to a continuously expanding selection of relevant smart home device brands that add value for our customers. 

With the integration of Tuya in Consolomio®, we are thrilled to see the great results from our open-walled garden approach. It will certainly help the service providers to offer an even broader and seamless experience to their end-customers.

Rob Wolters

At i4Things, we have a proven concept to select the partners we integrate with. With this approach, the service providers have the luxury to offer a seamless experience to their end-customers with our Consolomio® Smart Home as a service solution. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to integrating new partners, helping the operators to deliver services with zero support times.

We do this to make the end-customer happy by making their service compatible with numerous devices, brand, and technology relevant to the smart home ecosystem.

Apart from ensuring a flawless customer-satisfaction, the gated walled garden approach also helps the service providers. A versatile environment of devices and brands also helps them to realise untapped streams of revenue for them and a distinctive edge over the competition, whilst our check at the gate ensures flawless operation and avoids an uncontrolled expansion of unverified devices causing customer complaints.

So, therefore a considerable fraction of our efforts go into integrating new partners to Consolomio®

Among the numerous of such integrations, we feel the recent cooperation with Tuya resulting in cloud-to-cloud integration of the Tuya cloud service with the Consolomio® Smart-Home-as-a-Service (SHaaS) solution is a great addition. This is a thrilling prospect for service providers in the smart home space, allowing their customers to connect Tuya devices to their service and thus offer a plethora of functionalities.

Consolomio now works with Tuya

Tuya, a popular brand in the smart home market, is now accessible to service providers who use Consolomio®. The integration of Tuya is a great addition for service providers that offer Consolomio® to the end-customers as it covers both the hardware and software facets of smart home solutions.

Tuya’s wide stack of products and solutions make this partnership fruitful for the end-customer and service providers. Packed with endless usage scenarios, Tuya will be adding convenience to the customer’s life.

Welcomed by the Service Providers

We all understand that the customers always demand nothing but the best experience. To help service providers in delivering this successfully, i4Things follows the gated-walled garden approach, meaning a controlled and fully managed environment which, after integration and testing at the gate, is open to a proven selection of smart home device brands that add value to our customers. 

With the cloud-to-cloud integration of TUYA, the service providers are thrilled because they can now tap into the vast ecosystem of Tuya devices to give their customers an even broader seamlessly integrated smartphone experience based on Consolomio®

Enabling growth for Smart Home Operators

As we integrate TUYA into the Consolomio® cloud, service providers across the industry will have the ability to cater to a broader spectrum of end-customers. 

From data storage and security modules to firmware updates, we take care of each and everything. This helps the service providers to widen their offerings and grow their business with minimal efforts.

We look forward to offering further increased levels of comfort, choices, and convenience. With every passing day, the validation and support for our gated-garden approach is a great motivation for our whole team.

Having experienced great success and incredibly positive feedback from the service providers as well as their end-customers, we are even more committed to this vision. 

Consolomio® Partner Program

Do you have a device or service that caters to the smart home industry? Consolomio® can be a great platform! 

To know more about joining Consolomio®’s Partner Program, feel free to get in touch with us!