With its Consolomio® Smart-Home-as-a-Service solution, i4Things has developed a unique cloud- based proposition for Service Providers globally such as Telco’s and ISPs, as well as insurance and energy companies, who can introduce a compelling new service to increase their turnover and also improve their customer loyalty and satisfaction. Rob Wolters, Managing Partner i4Things: “Thanks to the strategic engagement of LIOF, i4Things can further accelerate its go-to-market strategy and keep working on the continuous development of its best in class fully managed white label Smart Home solution in the coming years.”

Smart Home market is growing exponentially

More and more households buy and use different smart devices and sensors for different purposes. For example: camera security, automatic home lighting, smart smoke detectors and smart thermostats, as well as video doorbells. But all these devices from different brands are connected and operated separately: every system, often with a hefty price tag, has its own app. i4Things is changing this and has set itself the goal of making smart homes accessible to everyone, including those who don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on it, but want to have the convenience of it operated with one single app. Therefore, it is essential to reduce technical complexity so that also end-users with limited technical skills can set things up quickly.

Consolomio® offers the ultimate customer convenience

With Consolomio®, i4Things ensures that a wide range of smart devices and sensors in the field of energy, safety, convenience and health from different suppliers work intuitively with each other and communicate with common Smart Home standards like WiFi, Zigbee or Z-wave. All this can be operated with one single intuitive Consolomio® app, both at home and on the road, and on different devices (mobile, tablet, TV, PC) or with voice control by Amazon Alexa or Google Voice. In addition, i4Things ensures a continuously expanding ecosystem of certified, reliable smart devices and sensors, with a highly attractive price tag. Last but not least Consolomio® allows the end-users to integrate smart devices from known brands (e.g. Philips hue, Nest) to protect their investments already made.

Managed white label proposition

Consolomio® is offered by i4Things in a subscription form to service providers globally. i4Things provides its customers a fully managed white label Smart Home proposition, which enables them to be operational quickly at relatively low entry costs. Consolomio® comes with a powerful back-end Operator Console function that integrates with the service provider’s existing systems for Customer Care and Billing for an end-to-end integration and outstanding manageability of the service. The platform has built-in latest privacy and security functions, since nothing is as private as someone’s home and hearth: all communications are encrypted and no personal data is registered in order to guarantee the privacy of the customer. Since i4Things works with a continuously growing ecosystem of devices it tests and certifies, the service provider does not have to worry about keeping its proposition up-to-date and about guaranteeing the right software and firmware upgrades in their ecosystem.

Note for editors:

If you have any questions after reading this message, please contact Rob Wolters of i4Things. Call +31 (0) 85 401 9600 or send an e-mail to press@i4things.eu

ABOUT i4Things

i4Things enables service providers to exploit the full value of the Smart Home market. Through its cloud-based, white label and fully managed Smart-Home-as-a-Service platform Consolomio®, it offers them a fast market introduction at low entry costs. This allows them to increase sales with their existing customers and also attract new customers and reduce churn. i4Things was founded in 2014 by serial entrepreneurs with a track record in the world of Media and ICT and has since gained extensive experience in the Smart Home market, including an own Smart Home and IoT webshop. Since the end of 2016, work has been carried out on the development of Consolomio®, the currently available in-house Smart Home SaaS platform for Service Providers worldwide, whereby ease of use, reliability, safety and attractively priced solutions are paramount. www.i4things.eu

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